AGS 2.6 What’s New

1. Added PiStorm32 version of AGS based on the emulated RTG version.
2. Added Raspberry Pi 5 image
3. Added My Programs and installer to add your own programs to the launcher.
4. Added Say speech synthesiser and support files to Workbench.
5. Added ‘Expert Mode’ to replace the favourites system and add more
   functionality and configuration to the loading process of games and demos.
6. Added a script that logs the name and date/time of every game & demo when
7. Added random mod playback to launcher. Mods need to be placed in the
   AGS:Mods drawer.
8. Added Amiga Test Kit v1.21 to Utilities
9. Added RNOPDF v1.6 to utilities and ‘Programs’ workbench menu.
10. Added Demanding Games and Demos categories to Games by Theme.
11. Added ‘Iconic Game’ category to ‘Games by Theme’ with a list of the most
      iconic Amiga games of all time.
12. Added 1541 Instruments to ST-00:
13. Added approximately 31,000 new mods.
14. Added proper save paths to the WHDLoad based extra games.
15. Added 40 skins to AmigaAmp.
16. Added 100 extra file formats to Eagle Player.
17. Added 2000 images including the entries from the Amiga Artwork
18. Added Premium Games to AGS launcher.
19. Added Immortal Joysticks ascii art to boot sequence.
20. Added IGame and AGS icons to AGS_Drive hdf.
21. Added check to Start_AGS script that checks for missing or zero byte
    theme config files. If an error is found the script will copy back
  the default theme.
22. Added a script to permanently remove the ‘Adult’ lists from the launcher
    and matching IGame scripts.
23. Added Bad Apple 3D video to Animations drawer on Media drive.
24. Added Degrader v1.3 to real hardware version
25. Added NoClick to real hardware version.
26. Added PFS Doctor to real hardware version.
1. Reduced the memory requirements for the amiga guide based database.
2. Sped up A-Train.
3. Sped up Beneath a Steel Sky CD32.
4. Sped Up Microprose Grand Prix 2022 / 2023 / 2024 in Extra Games.
5. Removed old favourites system.
6. Moved favourite option scripts to new menu. Now not included in backup
7. Moved all AGS commands out of user startup. Now runs a script called
8. Remove A500 mini recovery mode scripts.
9. Changed all launcher scripts to look at AGS_Drive: rather than assigning
10. Added slight pause to random theme option to hopefully stop crash.
11. Changed several options to toggle rather than having both options.
12. Optimised game scripts again to take into account of new favourites
    system, my programs and expert modes.
13. Improved restart speed if the system is reset and the CPU speed is slowed
14. Removed platform specific splash screens and added Immortal Joystick
    sponsor logo to main splash image.
15. Replaced Duke3D with JFDuke with full music support.
16. Moved ‘Educational Games’ to standard A-Z lists in ‘Extra Games’
17. There is a deliberate 1 second pause between each splash screen on boot.
18. Moved IGame to AGS_Drive hdf and updated links and scripts.
19. Updated Raspberry Pi image on to Dietpi Bookworm.
20. Reduced default memory requirements on Raspberry Pi to work with 2gb
21. Synced C: & Libs: drawers on real hardware version with emulated version.
22. Changed ECS and OCS chipset types in game info. Updated hardware info to
23. Changed CygnusEd to JanoEditor v1.01b due to possible copyright issue.

1. Fixed Green Beret height on A500 Mini.
2. Fixed Restore Configs on A500 Mini.
3. Fixed AGA / RTG Switching on emulated AGS.
4. Fixed paths in Workbench menus.
5. Fixed Harlequin games speed on Amiberry.
6. Fixed AGS splash screen script resolution description.
7. Fixed Operation Wolf (Must be run after boot).
8. Fixed Renegade (Must be run after boot).
9. Fixed JIT & Speed Regulation scripts running on PiStorm32 causing crash.
10. Fixed a few game names that have underscores in them on the launcher.
11. Fixed AmiMSX and AmiMasterGear script links and instructions.
12. Fixed ‘Restore Configs’ on A500 mini. Now independant of main HDF files.
13. Fixed all workbench games to work when running from the AGS launcher.
14. Fixed speed regulation scripts to work on all platforms.
15. Fixed drive labels.
16. Fixed Directory Opus drive buttons.
17. Fixed Genesia. To reconfigure, run the configuration tool. Set it as if
    you have Genesia already installed. Set your settings and press the start
game button. You then need to quickly quit the config program with the
WHDLoad quit key or it will crash.
18. Fixed MUI problems on real hardware version.

19. Fixed CDTV games not showing OCS chipset.

New Applications
AmiExpress v5.6.1
Amiga Test Kit v1.21
Chaos Pro v3.3.3 (Needs FPU)
JanoEditor v1.01b
Protracker v3.15
ReBuild v1.1.0
Visage v39.22

Wazp3D library v0.56b (Emulation Only)

Updated Applications
Amiblitz3 v3.9.10beta
DOSBox v0.74.034 (Emulation Only)
EVO v3.7.0
Hippoplayer v2.60
IGame v2.4.6
Protracker v3.62
Redpill Game Creator v0.9.38
ScummVM v2.5.1.03 (Emulation Only)

WHDLoad v19.0 beta

New Workbench Games
521 v1.0
Amtris v1.0
ArTKanoid v3.0
Dynamite v24 (Emulation Only)
GI Poker v1.0

Untangle v0.3

New Premium Games

Quake 3 Arena (Emulation Only)

Premium Game Updates
Descent v0.58.1.014 (Emulation Only)
Exult – Ultima VII v1.6 (Emulation Only)

JFDuke3D v1.3

New Extra Games
Agonman ECS
Alarcity Dungeon (Demo)
All Valley Karate Championship
AmiDonkey Kong LCD
Amisaber Mini
Amoeba Invaders
Ant Wars
Ant Wars 2
Applejack AGA
BlockBuster 2
Bnoid AGA
Boat LCD
Boondar AGA
Bruce Lee
Bunny’s Bounty
Charlie Chimp SE ’97
Charlie Chimp 2
Charlie Chimp 3 & The Treasure of Tutankhamun
Charlie Chimp 4 – The Great Escape
Chicken Coop
Coarse Angler
Cold Blooded Murder
County Racers
Cybersphere Plus
Day of the Tentacle AGA
Death Angel
Demon Wars
Dogi (Demo)
Duck Hunt
Dylan Dog  – Through the Looking Glass
Earth Defence Force AGA (Demo)
Ecliptic (Demo)
Emerald Caves
Escape 2
Evil Garden
F1 Racer
Falling Down
Fast Freddie
Final Fight Enhanced
Fruit Mania
Funtris ’96
Gems Deluxe
George and the Repton Clone
Genghis Khan
Giger Tetris AGA
Gloom Deluxe 8bit Killer
Grand Prix Manager ’95
Gravity Power
Hanse – Expedition AGA (De)
Henry’s House
High Noon
Hyper Wings
James Clavell’s Shogun
JetHuntERS (Demo)
Jinx AGA
Jump ‘n Bump
Jumpman Deluxe (Demo)
Jumpman Junior
Jumpman Lives
Kondi Krush
Light Cycles 2
Lord of the Rings Vol 1
Lord Vader
Lumberjack Reloaded Xmas
Mahjongg AGA
Manic Miner Mayhem
Meet Ball
Merry Xmas 2023
Microprose F1GP 2024
Mini Swat
Mini Zorro
Mirror Magic
Mission Underground
Mr Beanbag AGA
Neon World AGA (Demo)
Nobunaga Ambition
Out Run AGA (Demo)
Outliner AGA
Phoenix Fighters
Poing 1
Poing 2
Poing 3
Poing 4
Poing 5
Poing 6
Poing 7
Powerboat USA
Push ‘n Shove
Quest Galaxia
Road Trip
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2
Rush Hour
Santa and the Goblin
Santa’s Present Drop
Santa’s Present Drop 2
Santa’s Present Drop 3
Santa’s Workout 3
Seemore Doolittle’s Underwater Capers
Seemore Doolittle’s Toyland Capers
Shadow Dancer (Demo)
Sharks AGA
Shenadoah (Demo)
Silhouette Threat AGA (Demo)
Spaceward Ho!
Spheroid Xmas Demo
Sqrxz 2
Star Wars – Sweary Version
Starflight 2
Starstrike 2000
Step 5 AGA
Speed Runner
Super Chicken Run
Super Huey
Super Kikstart
Swibble Dibble
System 4
Tanx ‘n Stuff
Tetris Pro ’98
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Touring Car Challenge
Touring Car Challenge ’97
Train Driver 3
Wizonk (Demo)


Extra Games Updates
Agonman AGA
Alien Breed 3D 2
Alien Breed 3D 2 Mod
Breathless (Fixed)
GothicVania AGA
Settle the World (Demo)
Sim City 2000
Super Delivery Boy Holiday Ed.

Zeewolf (Mod)

WHDLoad New
Batman Rises (Batman Group)
Bomber Bob (Italian)
Captured Dreams Decrunched (TBL)
Darkside (TBL)
De Profundis (Deadliners, Lemon & Oxygene)
Donkey Kong 500
Imaginations (Defiance)
Krogharr (Demo)
Made in Croatia (Binary)
Moon Patrol (Beta)
Panacea (TBL)
Phoenix 500
Pizza Connection
Spectral (TBL)
Stolen Data 10 (Anarchy)
Stolen Data 9 (Anarchy)
Stuntman Seymour
Subconscious (Dimension X)
The Fall (Deadliners & Lemon)

Larrie & the Ardies

WHDLoad Updates
Alien Breed 2
Castlevania AGA
Cruise for a Corpse
Donkey Kong (Bignonia)
Dune 2 (NTSC)
Dylan Dog – The Murderers
Graham Gooch World Class Cricket
Hard Drivin’
Historia Interminable 2 (Spanish)
Karting Grand Prix
Kelly X
Magicland Dizzy
Music Disk 2 (Elite Inc)
Nuxelia Demo
Second Samurai
Storia Infinita 2 (Italian)
Summer Games
Summer Games 2
Super Bagman
Super Street Fighter II – The New Challengers
SWOS 23/24
Tetris AGA
Tornado AGA
Turbo Outrun
Turrican 2 AGA
Turrican 3
Unendliche Geschichte 2 (German)
Whizz AGA
Xevious / Super Xevious
Zener Drive


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