Download AGS

Current Release v2.6

Updated 05/05/2024


All the torrents and files are available in the MEGA folder. MEGA has a 5gb limit for non subscribers so the torrent is probably a better solution. I will mirror the torrents in the group as well.




Retro32 Torrent Mirror

Eric Cubizolle of AmigaMuseum has kindly mirrored the A500 Mini version of AGS v2.6.…/A500mini/AGS2.5.rar

David Rankin has a US mirror here…


Pauly’s Coffee Fund!
I’ve put a lot of work into AGS over the last year. I will never ask for payment, but if you feel I deserve a coffee for my effort, I have a link.

Buy an AGS Stick

For those who need a little more help getting things setup and running Retro32 offer an official AGS USB writing service.